Cultivating Serendipity

Cultivating Serendipity

As of lately I have been having more and more serendipitous occurrences. Thinking of someone and seeing them in person, humming a song then hearing it on the radio, expressing a thought and having someone say “that is exactly what I was thinking of .”What exactly is this and can it be cultivated as a common experience?.

Carl Jung a famous psychiatrist, coined the word, synchronicity, to describe what he called “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.” Jung variously described synchronicity as an “acausal connecting principle”, “meaningful coincidence” and “acausal parallelism.” Well, this was just a fancy way of saying that the experience of serendipity or synchronicity is the appearance of two unrelated events connecting in a meaningful way.

Have you ever had someones name pop into your thoughts and minutes later have them call you on the phone? Or call someone and have
them say they were just thinking about you. One of the strangest experience of Serendipity I have ever experienced was walking on a beach in the Caribbean thinking about the concept of “Bringing more Joy into my Life” and moments later finding an unopened bottle of liquid joy dish detergent sitting there in the water!!.

Following that I realized two important things. Number one God has a sense of humor and number 2 joy is on the inside and not inside of some bottle!!

These experiences of what we call Serendipity or Synchronicity often give us a glimpse of the meaningfulness of our lives and the interconnectedness of how we are related to our universe and everyone else. Serendipity is defined as a “happy accident or pleasant surprise “. “Finding something good or useful without necessarily looking for it “. I am not so sure this is accidental as it is so often described in a dictionary.

The question I have been pondering lately is whether or not we can cultivate these experiences and how to do it.
When I am in the flow of life these occurrences seem to occur closer together and more frequently so I have come to the conclusion that there are ways we can enhance the possibility of this happening by doing various activities. I also have come to believe that when you start to have these experiences it is an indication that you are on the right path in your life and should follow the so-called leads to explore where they are leading because they might very well be signposts to a direction that could be taken to enhance your life.

So what are my recommendations to Cultivate Serendipity in your Life:

1)Get excited about something that inspires you . This naturally raises your energy or chi level which often draws these experiences to you . When we are passionate about our mission here and excited about getting out of bed in the morning our energy level naturally goesup and serendipity can flow in. If you are not excited about what you are doing then take a moment and use your imagination to think of what
it could be and cultivate it.

2)Exercise/Move/:Movement gets our vital energy in motion. Much like a river flowing this movement of energy is jump started with motion. Movement is not only good for the body but for the spirit as well. If you are out of shape start easy and build up. Move around the house, go walking, walk in place. Any movement
gets energy going.

3)Breath:Breathing is life and is something we do about 16 times/minute but often the breathing is shallow, labored and tight. Take a few moments every minute to take a few deep breaths and follow your breathing with your mind to calm the mind. Remember breathing is life and the more the breath is deepened and developed the more life there is.

4)Get the creative energy going with activities that express who you are. Writing , drawing, making things, crafts etc. help to get the juices flowing in the body because the natural creative energy inside wants to express itself. The more expression there is the better the chi can flow and thus attract to you more creative energy. Much like a river flowing it stays healthier when there is flow rather than stagnation.

5)Admire Beauty.There is beauty all around us particularly in the natural environment of Maine. The Chi of nature is a powerful remedy to enliven and cultivate the connectedness of all things. You can learn to tap into it by breathing in the beauty that surrounds you and filling yourself up with it. This can function as a food for the soul and often when we feed the soul we are not as hungry with our appetite to continue consuming large amounts of food because we are taking in the food of life. There are specific methods for feeding on beauty and I will be discussing them in future blogs. For now if you see something you admire
take a few moments and ” breath it in.”

6)Give thanx:I find this can one of the most powerful energy and serendipity cultivators that there is. When we/I give thanx for all of the experiences and things that I have imore flows in. The flip side is feeling like there is just never enough and feeling resentment for that which only serves to attract more of the same.

Serendipity can sometimes be like a train to jump on . A seemingly strange coincidence can be an opportunity that can be life changing or possibly offering a contact that will be important to your unfoldment.

Years ago when I was starting out in practice looking for my first office I remember sitting at my kitchen table pondering what I wanted out of practice. I thought of being in a busy location, near a mall, lots of traffic going by etc. Finally what I decided upon was that what I really was looking for was a place with “a view”. What I wanted in my heart was to look out the window while I was working and see something beautiful. Moments later after having this thought the phone rang . There was a real estate agent on the other end and she said “I found an office with a view”. I immediately said I would take it because I knew that this was not just a random event but was meant to be. And of course it turned out to be a beautiful location.

An Exceptional Day

An Exceptional Day:
Started off today with the concept of having an “Exceptional day” and what a day it was. Began with a fresh vegetable juice and visalus protein drink and then over to do acupuncture on Molly the Dog. Molly was totally paralyzed in her rear legs 1 month ago and was about to meet her maker and is now walking. God bless molly.After that off for a run in the cold for about 2 miles which I did easily aside from my ears turning blue. After that a meeting to help my friends achieve a higher level of health, another meeting with a fellow who is approaching the 30 lb. wt.loss level and another trip to the ymca where I ran another 2 miles. Now it is time to write my blog on the Thinning of america and give thanx for another Exceptional day. “Live like it is your last and you will become truly alive.”->dr.mike

Setting Goals and Creating Magic

About 25 years ago I was on vacation, riding a motorcycle up in the bar harbor region. I had a practice out in the foot hills of Western Mass and for some reason I was being drawn back to the ocean. After spending the day on my bike I came upon a beautiful scene that struck me in a deep way.

I was by a cove and there in the middle of the water was a sailboat at anchor sitting peacefully at rest. As I gazed upon this scene something deep inside told me that I could be part of that scene and I wanted it to be me on the water sitting in that boat, relaxing and enjoying the maine coast.

I took a picture and went back home to my practice. In my office I placed that picture on my desk and every day I imagined that it was me in that picture sitting on the boat enjoying the peace and quiet.

Fast forward years later I was anchored off of castine at Holbrook Island on my boat and I took a picture of the scene as I was rowing away . Later as I looked at the picture it occurred to me that it was almost the exact scene and picture of the one I had taken years ago when I was in my longing state of mind.

I have often used what I would call magic pictures to help me move towards a goal, state of mind or direction. The old saying of a picture being worth a thousand words is certainly true and there is a magic that can also take place if you put yourself in the picture and gaze at it often.

To do this find a picture of a worthy goal that you would like to achieve and put it up somewhere where you can look at everyday. It helps if you cut or paste a picture of yourself in it. When you look at it imagine that you are there and try to experience what that would feel like. Accept that it is happening right now and be grateful for that experience. What we can accept, believe and work towards can become our reality if we are open to the magic of the universe. It takes Faith, Confidence and belief mixed together with a direction. Because if you do not know where you are going any road will take you there.

p.s. the picture on top is the picture I took!!
mike housman d.c.

Molly update 12/13/11

Today myself and my faithful assistant Ivy visited molly again . Just to back up a little bit molly is a australian shepard mix that somehow hurt herself about a month previous and lost the use of her rear legs to the point that she was only only able to drag herself by her front legs.

We have been working on her for about 3 weeks now utilizing chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture and for the first time today molly was able to stand on her own. The past 2 times I adjusted her I got a load pop at her second lumbar and along with needling along her bladder meridian it appears she is getting the use of her tail and legs back. Molly is a great study the perseverance, the will to live and the possibility of miracles in our everyday life.

She was going to be put to sleep but now she is still with us.

Remember no matter how difficult things may be never give up . You never know when an effort may produce results . It could be something as small as listening to a friend in need, giving someone some encouragement or sticking a small needle in a loving friend called a dog.

Video of update